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I’d be lying if I said I was ever bored from chilling on Netflix, playing games, or just hanging out on social media. And I know there are millions of people spending the most part of their days doing the same thing. 

As you might already know, this behavior slowly damages our eyes due to the blue light that digital screens emit. 

Luckily, the solution couldn’t be any simpler. You can conveniently wear blue-light-blocking gaming glasses in order to enjoy hours and hours of strainless gaming. 

How do they work? And what are your options? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article. 

First Things First, How Bad Is the Blue Light?

Before we get to the actual protective equipment, we must take a brief look at the danger from which we want to protect ourselves. 

It’s Actually Beneficial, But in the Right Amount 

Blue light isn’t all bad. It’s naturally present everywhere around as through sunlight. It’s important for setting our circadian rhythms, boosting attention, and enhancing mood. That’s why doctors always suggest spending more time outdoors with your whole family. 

However, we didn’t evolve into being exposed to blue light 24/7. Back before digital devices, it was only limited to the daytime. Moreover, we rarely look directly into the sun or even near it. This way, we took the benefits of blue light and didn’t get to know its dark side. 

How Is It Harmful?

Today, we spend the major part of our day staring at our 6-inch smartphones and 15-inch computer screens. Although they appear white, they actually use LEDs with peak emission in the blue light range (400–490 nm).

Our Eyes Can’t Stop It

Unlike any other wavelength, the structure of our eyes isn’t capable of blocking the blue light. That said, blue light exposure is almost guaranteed to induce effects on everyone. 

Since blue light is meant to induce energy, looking at digital screens before bedtime will negatively affect the depth and quality of your sleep. 

As the harmful blue light keeps hitting our retinas, its damage starts to accumulate, which makes an individual more prone to age-related macular degeneration

Without getting into too much detail, this disease leads to blurry vision, decreased color perception, and even complete loss of eyesight. 

It Strains Your Eye Muscles

When you stare at a screen for more than one hour, your eye muscle will start to fatigue, which causes a digital eye strain. This condition typically results in headaches, blurred vision, and neck/shoulder pain. 

Blue light is also linked to the following problems:

Frankly, it’s shocking to know that all these problems come from a form of light! This fact is actually the worst of all since you can never expect it on your own. 

So, How Does the Computer Gaming Glasses Help? 

Simply put, computer glasses provide the blue light filter missing in our eyes. They filter the harmful wavelength only, allowing you to enjoy any other color normally. 

Some computer eyewear also makes the screen a little bigger without messing with the resolution. This is helpful to decrease the amount of work your eyes have to do in grasping small details. 

Are Gaming Glasses only for Gamers? 

Definitely no. If you spend your 8-hour workday in front of a computer, you’ll absolutely need blue-light-blocking glasses. After all, blue light is produced by the LEDs in our screens, regardless of what we’re doing. 

Although gaming glasses and any other blue-light-protection eyewear are built on the same scientific principle, they can have some minor differences in the design. 

Gaming Glasses Are Designed to Look Cooler

Gamers love looking epic. They usually spend a lot on their overall gaming setup for that reason. They’d never wear something that looks the slightest bit lame, even if it protects them. 

Therefore, the frame of the gaming glasses is typically more colorful with some additional accessories.

It’s not only about the looks, though. If you already wear gaming glasses, you’ve probably had a hard time wearing headphones. 

Bulky temples either pinch on your skin or push the headphones away from your ear. Thus, gaming glasses should have nearly flat temples. 

Man wearing glasses while gaming

Working Glasses Are More Professional

You can do whatever you like, that’s for sure. But if you’re working in a job with face-to-face customer service, clients won’t probably take you seriously with deeply-tinted, hipster glasses. 

So, working glasses are often made with minimal tints or even clear lenses. Similarly, the frame and temples are designed minimally with stress on professionalism.

What about Bluelight-Blocking Sleeping Glasses?

Wait, sleeping glasses! Are we supposed to wear them when we sleep? Thankfully, our eyelids and sleeping masks are more than enough for this matter. 

Instead, they’re made to be worn exactly before bedtime. Whether you’re reading an e-book, sending some emails you forgot, or chatting with your loved ones, these glasses will provide extra protection to allow for the most peaceful and satisfying sleep. 

How? Well, unlike gaming and working models, sleeping glasses are occasionally equipped with a more pronounced orange tint. The more tinted the lenses are, the more it’ll block blue light.

To make sure you’re 100% protected, their frames usually wrap around your face, much like the swimming glasses. 

Do You Wear Prescription Glasses? There’s Something for You!

It’s estimated that 75% of American adults wear different forms of vision correction. If you’re wearing prescription glasses, reading glasses, or contact lenses, you shouldn’t settle for over-the-counter gaming glasses.

If you do, you’ll end up protecting yourself from blue light while harming your eyes in a more serious manner.

You can head to your local eyewear store to make prescription glasses with tinted lenses. It’s also possible to do it online if you already have your prescription on you. 

However, it’s worth noting that this option will likely cost you a lot of money. If you’re restricted on budget, you should try clip-on glasses. 

female gamer wearing glasses

As the name implies, these glasses have nothing but two lenses and a bridge. They’ll fit over any prescription glasses regardless of their shape or size. 

I’ve seen some people opting for fit-over products to wear over their reading glasses. Let alone their unnatural appearance, they might cause headaches and blurry vision due to the differences in focal lengths.  

Moreover, you might end up scratching your main glasses with these bulky alternatives.

To Sum Up

Blue light is naturally beneficial. But once you start spending 8 hours per day in front of digital screens, it’ll definitely rear its ugly head. Never underestimate its effect, as it can lead to macular degeneration and, eventually, blindness. 

While wearing blue-light-blocking gaming glasses will filter out the harmful wavelength, it’ll be better if you also adjust your habits.

Try to decrease the time you spend in front of digital screens. Also, try to keep your eye away from the screen by 20 inches, to say the least. Moreover, take frequent brakes to relive the accumulated strain. 

Your eyes are your most precious asset, they’re definitely worth the effort!

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